When life brings you down…

26 Nov

It is easy to forget that we live in a world that is overwhelmingly dominated by material possessions and what seems like an endless stream of boasting and popularity contests. Though I was born in the early 90s, I remember when the society of today wasn’t as filled with technology and gadgets as complex and connected as what we have now. Social media has its many benefits, but as with everything that seems good, too much of a good thing can lead to a number of problems. By the end of our lives, a large portion of our time will have been spent being consumed by the many social technologies around us. What seems to bring us together can end up devolving into a cesspool of negative thoughts and emotions that can feel hard to shake off.

Life is repetitive and often times monotonous. It is easy to look towards the future and think about the things we wish to accomplish. However, achieving those goals requires a massive amount of effort that tends to leave us drained before they are complete. It sounds cliché, but no one ever said that our journey through the intricacies of life would be easy. Today was a rough day to say the least. It was filled with negative emotions and stress-filled occurrences. Even with how poorly the day had been going, as with every tunnel we travel through, there is always a light at the end.

My light happened to be the realization that we are but a molecule in the grand schematic that is the universe at large. Just an hour ago, as the harshness of life was boiling over within my mind, I took a moment to stop and think. I went for a walk around the neighborhood and though I was connected to my phone at first, their came a point when I realized the negative influence that technology was having upon my everyday life. It is at this point that I decided to put my phone away and focus on my external surroundings. Like aloe vera on a sunburn, slowly but surely I felt the negative feelings wash away.

Upon the conclusion of my walk, I stopped for a moment and looked up. What I experienced could only be described as a paradigm shift in the way I had been viewing the world. It felt as if the stars were calling my name, urging me to return to the natural life that we as human beings started off with long ago. Before technology, before the popularity, before the boasting, before the connectedness, before everything that is making the world what it is today.

I set my phone aside and observed the stars, and just as the world began, so it felt that I had returned. I came to the realization that the true creators of our life journey do not lie within the realms of technology or the progress of humanity. It lies within our beginning, within the realm of the heavens, within the transcendence that the universe brings to our lives, within the star dust that ultimately created us.

It is easy to become lost within the continuous loop that society traps us in. When we become ensnared by it, a good remedy is to remember where we all came from, an exploding star long ago. For it is true that we are all made of star dust, and it is always refreshing to pay tribute to where we came from. When life is bringing you down, the stars will bring you up. When it feels as if we are trapped within our misery, the stars will set us free. When negativity is consuming our lives, simply look up and remember that the planet earth is but a molecule in the endless expanse of space. Molecules make up our lives, and molecules make up the universe. The earth and our desires are but a small part of that painting, and day-by-day that painting grows ever more beautiful.


Hello People!

12 Apr

Hello People! I am Busoo and I am sitting here in an all white room, on an all white bed, writing on an all white computer. What a Coincidence! Anyways. Be every thing you can be, because that is what you want to be. You can do anything if you truly have it ingrained within your mind that you love it. What it comes down to is love, and if you love to do something you should keep doing it because it feels good. Eventually you will wake up 1 year from now, and you will have hit the anniversary for having learned a new skill, or a new game, or even a new blog. 

Today is the blossoming day for Busoo, and I will speak about everything that I believe would bring peace to the world, that is what we can do for the world and love everything that goes on. Goodbye for now, for I am stuck on a cloud in the sky, he who knows he, would know he is high!

Glory to the world, be at peace and wonder what will come next, do something for five straight days and you can eventually become  golden. Gold is everything in your mind, do not mistake it for the Olympics. 

And finally, I feel sorry for the man who doth not wake early on the Weekend, for the 6-10 will be a day in and of itself!!

The Busoo.


12 Mar

Hello everybody!!

In case you were wondering I am not fulfilling my dream of being a full-time music producer/blogger, but I am fulfilling my dream of being a 9 to 5 recruiter every monday through friday. Day jobs are great! You make a bunch of money at the expense of 2/3 of your free time! But hey.. money= samples, synths and sound design. So I aint complaining!

I am currently on my lunch break and thought that I would pop back in here to write down a little ditty for all yall. Seeing as I have already broken my promise to you of blogging every day, I hope you can forgive me for being 2 days late on a post-drop. The producing is going well, I am currently in the process of filling out my tracks with transitions and working the compression to sound legit along with the drums. Still not sure how much longer I will be until my next drop, God knows I have like.. 30 different tracks that I can be working on at any time. Suggestion to other producers: Dont be ADD like me, focus on 4 or 5 at a time, even though starting a new house beat makes me harder than a diamond. Bad analogy.

Thanks again for listening to me ramble, it is one of the only things that gets me through the day sometimes, just spewing out the words that come into my head. Its kind of like my producing, I just throw random sounds in and hope it turns out okay! As you can tell from this post, clearly I am an amateur blogger, but hopefully experience will make me better over time.

Okay guys! Gotta head back to work for now, stay tuned for some more boom boom sounds, hopefully coming soon.


Hello my beautiful friends!!

10 Mar

From the mind of Bgeezy to my fellow readers and others that care:

Hi people,

It’s Bgeezy again of course, and for once in my life, I think I am starting to really enjoy this blogging thing. I havent had much time to work on tracks this Sabbath day but I will hopefully scrape some hours together to lay a beat down before bed tonight. Just finished watching True Detective and it was extremely riveting until about halfway through when I fell asleep. I wont hold it against Rust or Marty, though I will be bitter about them leaving next season. Assholes.

Believe it or not I am listening to classical jazz right now and it is interesting to think about how different the drums and beat patterns are with various genres. I dont want to give myself a headache trying to analyze these beats, so I am going to leave it at that and save my headache for Ableton later tonight. 

Anyways, it has been great writing my thoughts down, I will do my best to turn this blog into a Personal-Public Diary for all of you, but I cant make any guarantees, I still suck at this, but hopefully I’ll have a 365 page novel for all of you one year from now. Also, bought some UrBeats headphones today for a hundo-spot (100). Great sound quality, filters out all the unnecessary crap you hear with regular headphones too. Highly recommend it!… unless your a music producer buying your first pair of headphones. These things are great for listening, but noobies to the game will have a hell of a time separating sounds with some consumer grade headphones. I always hold faith in my handy-dandy Audio-Technica ATH M50s monitor headphones keeping that sound isolated. Just my ramblings for the night. 

TL;DR Dont bother reading, its just me rambling like a politician on rhetoric. All words, no action. 

Now that that’s over, I can go ahead and drop this post. Goodnight!

Bgeezy Returns

8 Mar

Hi there fellow readers/listeners of my house music!

After a 2 or 3 month hiatus I have finally mustered up the motivation to return to this blog and improve it. Though I havent dropped any new tracks as of late, I am still very much in the game and will continue to be in the game well into the future. My lack of drops has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of motivation, rather a lack of quality work put into my tunes. I have spent the last 3 years putting out straight crap, I wont lie. I have so many tracks I am working on now it is absurd, whether I turn it into an EP or not has not been decided, but I can honestly say this: I will never drop another track unless I have 100% faith and belief in the bang-ability of its sound. Yes, I know, I probably sound like a bro. That is okay though, as there are so many different genres of music to listen to out there, I like to believe that I draw inspiration from all of them. Lately, deep house has been a major motivating factor in my work, so expect some of that filtered-out tubular vibe to be coming soon. Having said that, I also got some serious side-chain compressed electro house ready to bounce, probably just a few more days of work on it until I put it down for release. I would like to thank all 3 of my loyal followers for believing in my blog and I. Thanks for reading this post and I hope to be dropping some quality bass beats very soon!

Blogging Revival

23 Dec

Hello my friends!

I guess you could say I am not someone who is used to blogging. I tend to be on and off about things but as of today and approaching the new year I have entered a new state of resolve with this website, to regularly update my followers and continue to bring my musical taste to any of you who will listen! Allow me to begin by introducing myself:

My name is Brian and I am a 22 year old electronic music producer from Northern California. I started producing music out in Tucson Arizona back in college, where the EDM scene was just starting to blow up and has since exploded all over that state. Since moving back to the area, I am not super familiar with the EDM scene here like I was back in AZ. I know it basically revolves around San Francisco and clubs like Ruby Skye, as my taste in music is based around Electro and Progressive House. Oh well, I hope to dive deeper into soon enough. Unfortunately I dont have much space in my current living conditions so I dont have a DJ table yet, but in time I will dive into the A’s and B’s of mixing. For now, I am solely a laptop musician, dedicated to sound synthesis. 

My graphic arts skills are borderline terrible, as Im sure you can tell by my logo. If you happen to be good at that kind of shit let me know and maybe we could strike a “paypal” deal or two for some album art. A little more about myself, I produce with Ableton Live 8 Suite (Though I wish it were 9) and Id probably use more DAW’s if my laptop wasnt ancient from 2009. I know synthesizers like Massive and Sylenth like the back of my head, I sometimes dream about it its so ingrained up there. I also use bazzism, nearly all of Live’s audio and midi effects, occasionally operator, electric piano and the analog device. Unfortunately using the same synthesizers over and over again will only get your sound so far based on the way you produce (in my opinion) and I hope to upgrade my equipment soon so I can store my synths and samples (I LOVE SAMPLERS). 

I am a huge audio nerd but am not too deep into doing remixes. There is just something about having to follow an already set formula that I do not like, I enjoy taking my sound on a journey and morphing it to my tastes. Though I still do some remixes. Other than produce I like to read, listen to music, watch the news and see whats going on around the world. I also like watching sports but god save me if I ever play them, I am terrible! Fuck it, jocks can have their sports, Ill stick with my Launchpad, APC40 and Akai keyboard.

I hope youve enjoyed my rambling and ranting, I’ll spew more pointless shit at my empty room of followers tomorrow when I have time at work. Enjoy my latest track!!



22 Aug

Bgeezy from the MMP team returns with two enormous new tracks, one a remix of Tiesto’s hit “Take Me” featuring Kyler England, and a new hard-hitting electro house track. Be sure to check out and vote for the Tiesto track in Beatport Play’s most recent contest, and MANEATER by Bgeezy is up for a free download. So hit that button, get that MP3 and spin that shit all night long!!



Windmill (Original Mix) -Bgeezy

7 Aug

Bgeezy returns with another Electro House jam with some progressive tones to match! The Magic Monster team has been hard at work on their newest tracks and will be dropping some trance bangers from Dj Discharge fairly soon, with Dopium returning to the sound room to re-beef up his dubstep bassed out boomers! With new forms of revenue comes enhancements to the sound base, but even employment wont stop the steady stream of the EDM machine! Keep tuned in as bring you new music in the coming weeks!

EDM and Mario Kart Mixed- By Bgeezy and Nintendo’s favorite characters

3 Aug

Unless you have been living under a rock or on a completely different planet for the past 20 years, chances are you have played and loved the music of Mario Kart 64. Bgeezy collaborated with Mario, Toad and pretty much all of Yoshi’s World to produce this electro trance track. More of our artists will be dropping tracks fairly soon so keep an eye on Magic Monster Productions because moves will be made! #EDM

Warzone -Dopium ft. Bgeezy and George W. Bush

30 Jul

ITS ANOTHER ONE. Dopium is the newest member of our edm team specializing in dubstep productions out of the SF Bay Area. The creative inertia behind this one is astounding and raises the bar for our vocal edits. George Dubya lent his beautiful vocal chords to this one as we take a step back in time to return to battle with the Taliban. FREE DOWNLOAD!


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